Graph-based Intrusion Detection

(Master Thesis) Réné Wilmes

Benchmarking von Graphdatenbanken

(Grosser Beleg) Matthias Jordan    Thesis    Presentation


Pattern Counting in Dynamic Graphs

(Master Thesis) Bastian Laur    Thesis    Presentation

Analyzing Live Click Traces Using Dynamic Graphs

(Student Research Project) Christoph Schott, Marcel Wunderlich    Thesis

Der Einfluss von Social Media auf ePetitionen

(Master Thesis) Patrick Felka


Modeling Dynamic Graphs from Live Traffic Data

(Bachelor Thesis) Maurice Wendt    Thesis    Presentation

A Graph-Theoretic Model for Generating Large-Scale Web-of-Trust Graphs

(Student Research Project) Dirk Kohlweyer    Thesis

Dynamic Properties of Network Samples

(Bachelor Thesis) Benedict Jahn    Thesis

Analyzing Live Click Traces Using Dynamic Graphs

(Bachelor Thesis) Christoph Schott, Marcel Wunderlich    Thesis    Presentation

Data Structure Recommendations for Dynamic Graph Analysis

(Master Thesis) Nico Haase    Thesis    Presentation

WCPI - Development of a Web Crawler Plugin & Interpreter

(Bachelor Thesis) Jan Wiesel    Thesis    Presentation

Weiterentwicklung eines Task Distribution Frameworks

(Bachelor Thesis) Georg Heesch    Thesis    Presentation

Analysis of the dynamic properties of a Social Network

(Master Thesis) Jan Wiese    Thesis    Presentation


Sampling-based Network Analysis

(Master Thesis) Tim Grube    Thesis    Presentation

Data Structures for Dynamic Graphs

(Lab) Nico Haase    Thesis

Community Detection Algorithms

(Lab) Philipp Neubrand

Combining Cloud Storage Systems

(Bachelor Thesis) Lennart Diedrich    Thesis    Presentation

Partition-based approximation for a fast approximation of the clustering coefficient

(Bachelor Thesis) Patrick Ritter    Thesis    Presentation

Speichereffiziente Berechnung des Clustering-Koeffizienten

(Bachelor Thesis) Johannes Decher    Thesis    Presentation


Resilience Measurements on Internet Topology Generators

(Bachelor Thesis) Nam Truong Le    Thesis    Presentation

Measuring Freenet

(Master Thesis) Christina Heider    Thesis    Presentation

Graph theoretic approach to network resilience

(Bachelor Thesis) David Jankoski    Thesis    Presentation

Development of a Task Distribution Framework

(Bachelor Thesis) Jan Dillmann    Thesis    Presentation

Knowledge-based Data Access in Facebook

(Bachelor Thesis) Manuel Hauptmann    Thesis    Presentation

Communities and Roles in Wireless Networks

(Bachelor Thesis) Florian Reith    Thesis    Presentation

Monitoring Server für ein P2P-basiertes Live-Streaming-System

(Bachelor Thesis) Thorsten Jacobi    Thesis    Presentation

Optimization Strategies for P2P-based Live Streaming Systems

(Master Thesis) Iason Parasiris    Thesis    Presentation

Graph Drawings as Embeddings for Routing

(Bachelor Thesis) Nico Haase    Thesis    Presentation

Subsampling of Complex Networks

(Master Thesis) Kai Rathmann    Thesis    Presentation


Analysis of Routing on Sparse Small-World Topologies

(Diploma Thesis) Stefanie Roos    Thesis

Evaluation of Community Detection Algorithms

(Bachelor Thesis) Philipp Neubrand    Thesis


Graph-Theoretic Analysis of Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks

(Diploma Thesis) Benjamin Schiller    Thesis