Examples for the use of DNA

In this repo, we provide examples for the use of DNA (Dynamic Network Analyzer). Each example handles a specific aspect of implementing new components for or the analysis of dynamic graphs using DNA. These examples are coarsly grouped into categories while some examples refer to others for better understanding.

In addition to the Java source of these examples (java/), we provide input used by some examples (input/), scripts for building a jar, executing it, and generating html files from the results (execution/), and auxiliary html data (html/).

The output generated by the examples and the html generation is stored in output/ but not contained in this repo.

Filesystem structure

Building the examples.jar

For building a single jar file for the execution, we provide an ant build file


The examples contained in java/src/ are expected to be compiled in java/bin/. This is the default using the java/.project and java/.classpath files generated while using it as an eclipse project. In ths project as well as in the build file, the compiled version of DNA is expected (relatively from the build file) in ../../DNA/bin/. In addition, the config is expected there (../../DNA/config/) as well as all the libraries included in DNA (../../DNA/lib/).

After possibly adapting this buid file, the examples.jar can be build by executing the regular build command:

ant -f build.xml

Running an example

All examples contained in java/src/ can be executed using the built examples.jar as follows:

java -jar examples.jar $input $output $example

A description of the three required parameters is available when executing the jar with less or more parameters:

DNA examples - expecting 3 arguments:
  0: input data directory (without / at the end)
     e.g., ../input
  1: output data directory (without / at the end)
     e.g., ../output
  2: example (folder structure of packages and class)
     e.g. /graph/weights/WeightedEdges
     i.e. excluding dna/examples and .java

For every call, only the specified example is executed. Assume the following example call:

java -jar ../input ../output /graph/weights/WeightedEdges

Then, the example dna.example.graph.weights.WeightedEdges.java is executed. If input data is required by the example, it is read from ../input/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/ and all output is written to ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/ an specific sub-folders. In more detail:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ Example: dna.examples.graphs.weights.WeightedEdges
~ Input:   ../input/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/
~ Output:  ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/
~          ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/data/
~          ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/plots/
~          ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/screenshots/
~          ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/out/
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Processing all examples

To process all examples provided in java/src/, the following script can be used:


Each example is executed using the example.jar. The log output is written to log in the output folder of that example, e.g., to ../output/graphs/weights/WeightedEdges/log in the example above.

In addition, the following script is executed for each example: