Dynamic GraphsDynamic Graphs
'Dynamic Graphs - Inkrementelle Graphentheoretische Analyse Dynamischer Systeme', a project as part of the Software Campus at TU Darmstadt in collaboration with Siemens. It was lead by Benjamin Schiller from 2013 to 2014.
Hype DetectionHype Detection
'Echtzeit Erkennung von Hypes in Sozialen Medien', a project founded by the (DFG) in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz and Irina Heimbach from the Electronic Markets group at TU Darmstadt.
P2P-based Social IPTV Service PlatformP2P-based Social IPTV Service Platform
Development of a multi-tree P2P-based live streaming overlay (LSO) in collaboration with industry partner ETRI.